I co-own a house here in Portland and am currently looking for renters. Here's a note from a woman who came to view the place yesterday. I've cloaked names and concealed a few other identifying tidbits. Otherwise I haven't mucked with it.


Ok, here's some information about myself and the others looking to rent:

We are two late twenties couples. The four of us have been friends for a long time. D and I have been in Portland for almost three years and M and S finally made the move out here from XYZ [state far from here] this summer. Here's a little bit about each of us:

R (me) - I'm a structural engineer at a local firm here in Portland. I work regular hours during the day and can be a bit of a homebody after hours. I like having people over for dinner but not parties. I like to cook, run and hike with my dog, and garden furiously when spring arrives. I also like projects around the home and fixer upper type stuff (which may come in handy). I'm interested in a place with a nice kitchen and a fenced in yard for my little dude to run around in, hopefully with some good light for growing some veggies. Full disclosure, due to a dumb mistake in college I have not great (but not awful) credit. I do, however, have impeccable rental references, a healthy income, and a willing cosigner if necessary.

D - D teaches at XYZ, which is a PPS special education school. He is also the thriftiest person I've ever met and he hates mess (probably a good quality in a renter). He likes to ride his bike and is a wiz at the guitar. He's a "rock star renter" and has the references to prove it. He's interested in a place that gets a lot of light with space to play some music with M.  

S - S works in management at XYZ restaurant and bar in Northwest Portland. She works nights so is usually around the house during the day sipping coffee and doing yoga. She spends the days with C (my dog) so he's not left alone around the house to bark or get into other puppy trouble. Her interests align with mine in the cooking/gardening department. We'd love to set up a three season garden in the yard. In college, we co-ran a market garden and farm stand in XYZ [same state far from here].

M - M's a professional musician, like for real. The band is called XYZ. He's gone a lot because his band is busy touring the world and putting out new records and such. When not on tour, M likes skateboarding, exploring Portland via bike, and listening to tapes from his extensive collection. Like D, he is also looking for a spot with room to play some music.

The Pets - B the Cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. He does his business outside, so no litter box required. He's a complete love. C the Dog is a 9 month old neutered XYZ [rare breed of dog]. He weighs about 30 pounds but will get up to about 40. Fully house broken. He's trained and obedient. He's got a lot of energy but he is calm inside. He's not an obsessive barker who's going to bark at cars, bikes, passers by, etc. He's never left alone with free reign of the house. He chews on toys and the occasional sock (bad dog!), but I've never seen him scratch at/gnaw a door, mess up a wall, or anything like that. You're more than welcome to meet him and talk to my current landlord about what a non-problem he's been .  

Anyway, sorry for the text wall. Let me know if we sound like a good fit. I look forward to seeing the photos.



Are these not the coolest four young people in America, or am I just oblivious to the fact that all hipsters write this way?

AuthorDavid Wolman