Photo: RCMP                                

So what ever happened to Canadian counterfeiting whiz Wesley Weber? After police raided his hideout in July 2001, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was released early, in July of 2006, having served a total of 44 months.

While he was in prison, Weber met a man who got him interested in the stock market. He began trading stocks—and making good money—while still incarcerated. Later, he and a partner founded an investment company called Goldbridge Financial, but false claims to prospective clients, operating without proper credentials, and a bunch of other improprieties landed him in deep yogurt once again. A federal securities commission ordered him to resign from his company and fined him $45,000. He was also prohibited from trading stocks until 2024.

By 2010 Weber was back in jail, but not for financial crimes. He was busted with four other men who were apparently about to plant some 500 marijuana starters in a field in rural Ontario, not far from the site of Weber's earlier counterfeiting operation. If only he'd waited a few years and moved to Washington or Colorado!

AuthorDavid Wolman