BVN with his coin press, "Hammer."

More than two years since his conviction, Bernard von NotHaus is still in sentencing limbo. Despite the possibility that he will have to spend the rest of his life in jail (beginning sometime soon), the geriatric currency rebel remains as feisty and insouciant as ever. Responding to an email asking for an update, he sent the following from Malibu:

I am MAXXED working on a top notch Hollywood documentary about me and the Liberty Dollar ... Never a dull moment being a federal criminal!

Part of his time is spent cranking out a newsletter called the Liberty Dollar News. It mingles updates on his legal saga (“Is this the quiet before the storm? What storm might ensue?”) with links to a jumble of currency and conspiracy news. There is plenty of pro-gold standard commentary, articles arguing that “the noble yellow metal” is a superb investment, and evidence that the USD is going down the tubes. The May 2013 takedown of Liberty Reserve, NSA surveillance and drone strikes have also gotten a lot of play.

From time to time von NotHaus will concoct some way to graft his own story onto the latest headlines, as he did following the Boston Marathon bombing:

These following articles bear witness to the fact that the Boston bombers were most likely aided by the same FBI who raided the Liberty Dollar and are responsible for your lawful property being confiscated.

Meanwhile, the Feds still hold the estimated $7 million in coins and bullion seized in 2007. Many of those Liberty Dollar coins had already been purchased by customers. With every new issue of Liberty Dollar News reporting no change in the von Nothaus case, those customers, I imagine, must get that much more angry. What recourse do they really have, though? Do they deserve any?

AuthorDavid Wolman