Real-istic, that is. Last week the Royal Canadian Mint announced that it will end production of Canada's one-cent piece. A big event for fans of reason and reasonable thinking about cash, although any excitement about the cashless future this news may have spawned was likely canceled out by subsequent news about this very big data breach.

Me? I'm taking the long view, and trying not to take things too seriously. Which is why this picture is perfect. At the Digital Money Forum in London last week, I lunched next to a guy wearing this:

Yes--that's a coin. Or was a coin. Or sort of is still a coin but is also a cufflink. Anyway, it's a New Zealand 5-cent piece. The lowest value coin produced in New Zealand today is worth 10 cents. But as this cufflink reminds us, that doesn't mean retired versions of real-world currency denominations are completely without value.
AuthorDavid Wolman