Huge news! Amazon has put The End of Money in the No.3 slot for it's list of the 10 Best Books of the Month. Huge honor. Here's the Amazon review:

Say good-bye to your beloved Benjamins, because the world is going cashless. So says David Wolman, and in The End of Money, he explores the drastic implications. How is it happening? What's at stake? Why does it matter? Each chapter of this timely and fascinating book focuses on a specific aspect of the coming cashlessness. Its cast of compelling characters includes an end-times fundamentalist who views the growing obsolescence of cash as a sign of the coming rapture; an Icelandic artist whose claim to fame illustrates the complicated relationship between cash and nationalism; an American libertarian and coin-maker convicted on federal charges for the distribution of "Liberty" coins and Ron Paul dollars; and an Indian software engineer (self-billed as "the assassin of cash") whose firm is enabling digital payment methods that are lifting the living standards of thousands of poor New Dehli residents via their cell phones. Raising the stakes with a personal experiment, Wolman goes (almost) a full year without using cash at all. All told, The End of Money offers everything there is to love about popular nonfiction, rendering a complex subject entertaining and easily approachable for a wide audience while proving the ultimate adventurousness inherent in a curiosity about the workings of the world. --Jason Kirk

And here's Booklist:
Money: we crave it, chase it, love it, and despise it. But do we ever really think about it? Money, the cash kind in the form of coins and banknotes, has little intrinsic value and since 1971 has had nothing tangible backing it. It's value is based solely on the faith and trust we put in the institutions behind it, and it's the lifeblood of commerce. Wolman takes us on a tour of the history of currency from the first paper money issued in China to the colonial hodgepodge of bills that ultimately became the greenback... more

AuthorDavid Wolman