It's been an absolutely awesome first week for The End of Money. First the Wall Street Journal ran this essay of mine about the twilight of cash. A few days later I sparred, albeit lightly, with Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal. And this morning I had an hour-long conversation with Dave Miller of OPB's Think Out Loud, which included all kinds of smart challenges to the idea of going cashless. 

Although I tend to think of my book as more of a missive or disquisition, the New America Foundation is calling it "a rallying cry for the anti-cash movement." Not sure what I think of that descriptor, but it's fun to be in the fray. Elsewhere, Gizmodo's fantastically caffeinated and--on Twitter, anyway--obsessively irreverent Mat (one "T") Honan posted this Q & A, and the Portland Tribune published a flattering profile-y piece. If you're looking for a sample-size portion of the book, check out one of the excerpts posted on TheAtlantic.comPopMattersSalon, or The Awl.

Meanwhile, the bookstore gigs kick off tomorrow night with Powell's here in Portland and Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on Thursday. See you there!
AuthorDavid Wolman