The initial response to The End of Money has been tremendous. Here is an excerpt posted by, as well as recent interviews with Gizmodo and Wisconsin Public Radio's "To The Best of Our Knowledge." MSN picked up a smart piece written by Suzanne McGee for the Fiscal Times, and I'm going to be on Lou Dobbs' radio show Feb. 10. Keep an eye open for the Boston Globe and Salon next week, as well as an essay I wrote for the Wall Street Journal, which is slated to run this weekend.

Meanwhile, there are some lively, some absurd, and some fascinating comments piling up, both in the comments section below the reviews for the book on the Amazon page, and on the Wired page for my Trash Blaster story. It makes the geek in me proud to know that people will actually read a story I wrote about plasma gasification of municipal solid waste--and want to discuss it with others when they're done.
AuthorDavid Wolman