A couple of weeks ago, I scrambled the jets in time to submit to Longshot magazine's issue #2. Theme: debt. It'll be fun to see what the hard copy of the magazine looks like, but the digital version is looking pretty cool, and it includes an impressive lineup of contributors. Andrew Sullivan recently served up my piece to his Daily Dish readers, which is always fun. What will be more interesting, though, is seeing how people respond when my book comes out this winter, and they learn that I'm a lot more critical of cash than this hybrid essay-excerpt suggests. In the Longshot piece ("Sideswiped"), I run through some of the ways that credit cards play tricks on our minds, leading us more easily to financially imprudent decisions. Cash, in contrast, is straightforward, tactile, and generally hard to part with. But as I explain in the book, it's also something of a straw man.

AuthorDavid Wolman