Has the name Tahrir become a kind of shorthand for people power? Or maybe freedom? My friend Waleed Rashed of the April 6 Youth thinks so, and has been tweeting almost those exact words from Tahrir Square today, which looked like this, despite scorching temperatures:

One of the main Facebook pages advertising this demonstration had this brilliant profile picture.

Not surprisingly, it went viral, becoming the profile picture for thousands of Egyptians on Facebook. (In case it's unclear, the image on the t-shirt--or should I say superhero outfit?--is of Tahrir Square from the Jan25 revolution.)

So why are they out there? As a friend recently noted in an online conversation, a sampling of news headlines in Egypt from the last week or so looked like this:

Police Officers Charged with Killing Protesters Released on Bail
Former Ministers Fikki, Ghali, Maghrabi Found Not Guilty of Squandering Public Funds
Government Expenditure on Education, Healthcare, Housing Decreased
Minimum Wage Reduced

Then she added:

Hmmm. Thank you all for adding fuel to our fire. We'll see you on Friday.

AuthorDavid Wolman