My 10,000-word mega-feature about Ahmed Maher, Egypt's April 6 Youth, the #Jan25 Revolution is finally out! Please pick it up. Read it. Review it. Share it. Tweet about it. Meanwhile, here is one small scene that I liked, but that didn't make the final edit: 

That evening [March 18, 2011], as Maher and I headed down Talaat Harb Street, Maher bumped into Moaz Abdel Karim, a 29-year-old member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He carried a bundle of papers under his arm and greeted Maher with a kiss to each cheek. His right hand was bandaged, and while the two men chatted in Arabic, i wondered if his injury had been sustained during the revolution. At one point, the two men burst into laughter. They w ere joking about who would come after whom once tomorrow's ballots were counted. They parted ways, and as Maher stepped out into the street and waited for a stream of cars to pass before crossing, he said, half to me and half into the night sky: "We are talking in public about politics and real elections."

AuthorDavid Wolman