Greetings from the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan. I just finished taping an interview with Frontline for a piece about the Egypt uprising that the producers are hurrying to put together for a segment later this month. I'm flying home in a few hours.

I'm also pleased to report that all of the people mentioned in the note below have been released from police custody, according to two sources so far. This is excellent news for them and their families, of course, and is also further evidence of the softened tone we're hearing from the clinging-on regime. (For the time being, at least.)

I also received this text from one of the April 6 Youth organizers yesterday (Tuesday, EST):

"We will organize a great demonstration on Friday in all of Egypt."

Galvanized by the release of Google's Wael Ghonim, and his moving television interview, the protesters have dubbed Friday's event the Friday of Martyrs. Ghonim tweeted the following earlier today:

We are hoping that the "Friday of Martyrs" will be the world largest funeral to bid farewell to 300 Egyptians #Jan25

As for all of this talk about the limited significance of social media, or the notion that it's the least interesting aspect of the uprising--I don't understand it. I'm hoping to elaborate on this in an op-ed or column in the coming days.
AuthorDavid Wolman