Are GlobalPost and True/Slant the way of the journalism world? Maybe, but last time I checked, a True/Slant contributor was lifting all but a few sentences of content from the likes of blog is also populated primarily by links and little connector thoughts, but at least it's not advertised as anything more.) My initial reaction is that it's not clear just how different these supposedly new forms of journalism are from The Huffington Post or, say, Slate. GlobalPost strikes me as more substantive than True/Slant, although maybe that's because of the reflex to view foreign-affairs coverage, or even the desire to cover foreign affairs, as somehow loftier.The model is gutsy: A bet on subscriptions when the world is binge drinking free information. I'd like to see it succeed, but I have doubts.

In other news (p.i): New book deal in the works. Stay tuned!
AuthorDavid Wolman