And on a completely different note, here's a note from a good friend in Iceland. If you think the US economy is in trouble... And this friend isn't even hurting as badly as many others in Iceland, Ireland and other countries of Europe that don't begin with i.

We're hanging on just now thank you. S and her husband are moving to the US at the end of February. F (hubby) was born there--American father, Icelandic mother. He is a waiter, lived in Florida until he was 35 and now can't find work here. S just finished a course in accounting and one of her professors gave her some letters of recommendation to firms in New Hampshire. They got into difficulties when they bought an apartment near us before they sold their little apartment down town. When the markets collapsed, so did the housing sales and nothing has happened since. It is very difficult to pay two mortgages while F is unemployed.

E and her hubby O have 3 gorgeous daughters and she manages a big supermarket. He worked as a translator for a TV station, but today is his last day at work.They live in an apartment which we own so they are OK. Life is not dull here! The coalition government collapsed yesterday, heads of two parties are retiring, one because of cancer, the other had a brain tumor. We don't know from day to day what's happening--we just go to work and hope our desks have not been removed in the night.

I have heard that things are not great anywhere just now. Maybe because our micro-economy has been under the world's microscope, we are the first western economy to topple. How are things with you?

AuthorDavid Wolman