A jet-lagged entry today, as I just flew home from Amsterdam and am trying to resist sleeping for another few hours. It was a whirlwind tour through Holland this past week, researching water-related stuff for new project. From Delft and Dordrecht, to dunes and dams, it was quite an experience, complete with a visit to a massive dredging ship, which is more floating factory than it is marine vessel.

As most people know, much of the Netherlands is at or below sea level. Seeing it first hand is really something else, especially when it comes to the various techniques the Dutch have developed over the ages to--in the words of one of my hosts--"put dry" the country.

A few other quick-hit items: Here's a good essay from Peggy Orenstein last week, which relates to both an essay about reason that I'm working on and a reason-meets-faith book that looks interesting. It's called Descartes' Bones. And my friend Scott Morgan is trying his hand at blogging a little during his stint in Burundi. Check it out here.

AuthorDavid Wolman