Per the pics below: The man pictured in the rear-view mirror is a taxi driver who had just finished shouting at his boss (on a mobile phone) about lost vacation days. As for the rest, no real rhyme or reason. Just a smattering of shots from a week spent in a dirty, sweltering and dysfunctional country.

I got back from Egypt four days ago. Upon landing in the US went straight to the hospital--do not pass Go, do not collect $200--where a couple of draconian doctors and thuggish nurses decided to shove a garden hose up my nose and down into my gullet. Better still: They kept it there for two days, leaving me to sit in bed to a.) listen to the pump slowly evacuate the contents of my belly, b.) welcome rejuvenating fluids delivered intravenously, and c.) rejoice at the fact that I didn't die in Egypt or, worse, end up in an Egyptian hospital.

AuthorDavid Wolman