It's National Spelling Bee season, and that means my friends with the Simplified Spelling Society are out in full force. The Wall Street Journal has a piece about them. It's essentially the same version of what you see in most newspaper articles about the picketers, but the reporter does touch on the question of future spelling, which I was glad to see. On the topic of spelling (drum roll), it's now only 4 months until the launch of Righting the Mother Tongue ! The HarperCollins website has posted the book jacket image, so there's no legit reason for me to keep that under wraps any longer. Voila.

A few other article links and bloggish notes that are overdue. The first is this Times piece, about people with mental illness building a sort of pride movement, for lack of a more specific term. A number of people commented that it was reminiscent of my story for Wired about autism. It's true, and the Times article even opens with a YouTube clip, produced by one of the people central to this movement.

Less fascinating was this bit of drive-by journalism, also in the Times, about race and gentrification in Portland. I'm bias, of course, because I live here, but I felt the piece was thinly reported, not to mention simplistic and predictable. Oh well. Off for a bike ride. Got to keep training for Ride the Rockies, so I don't die on one of those high-mountain passes.
AuthorDavid Wolman