Southpaw Bill Clinton recently committed, and was cited for, a nice little grammar gaff. The repeated "their (sic)" construction here on this LA Times blog is particularly amusing, each set of parentheses acting like little gotcha daggers. And on the topic of grammar policing: While Righting the Mother Tongue goes under the copy-edit knife as we speak, I'm planning to have a beer this evening with a couple of guys who're touring the country correcting typos. Sharpies and White-Out in hand, Jeff Deck of New Hampshire and a few of his friends have made their way to Oregon. Check out the Typo Eradication Advancement League. It's good fun in the spirit of Lynne Truss's cheeky crusade. Although my linguistic sensibilities are significantly more liberal, the discussion should be a fun one.

Lastly, and still on language, author Christine Kenneally recently reviewed a new biography of Peter Mark Roget, of thesaurus fame. The book and the man both sound interesting, and Christine was nice enough to give a shout out to Righting the Mother Tongue as well. See her piece here on Slate.
AuthorDavid Wolman