Monday morning is often a good time for corralling the cool stuff piling into my inbox. First, there's this brand of deodorant and after-shave products, which I obviously have to use during my book tour in the fall. Enuf said.

A fellow journalist also recently pointed me toward a small piece debunking the myth that left-handers more frequently suffer from migraines. Another reader who's interested in autism sent me a mountain of material on the tricky question of how autism might be different in boys compared to girls, men compared to women.

And then there's this: Last week I met with the two founders of an interesting project called Imindi. If you know of Twine you're 1.) three steps ahead of me, because I only heard of it last week and 2.) well-positioned to understand what Imindi is or aspires to be. The short (because I'd butcher the long and the short): It's not a search engine; it's a thought engine. World-changing stuff? Beats me, but it's always energizing to meet with people who think they're on to something huge.
AuthorDavid Wolman