The variable spellings for the Spanish island where I'm currently sitting--Majorca, Menorca, Mallorca--serve to remind me that my book needs tending to in the coming weeks. I also received a nice note from an enthusiastic--and fiercely talented--speller in Oregon, who keeps this blog, where he stores "ruminations on words."

Meanwhile, continued buzz about the autism piece is exciting. I've written about all kinds of topics over the years, but never have I seen a response like this. Not only are people writing me directly, but they're also carrying on the conversation in the comments section of the story at, on blogs and other news and science websites as well. Some outlets you may have heard of--brijit, reddit, 3 quarks daily, autism speaks, psychology today--others maybe not--parentcenter, wrongplanet, law and more and blogs with groovy names like life in the pumpkin shell and ms.behaviour. I can hardly keep tabs on all of it, so if you spot something I might want to read, please send it along.

AuthorDavid Wolman