Hopped a plane to Boise and then drove three hours to Pocatello, Idaho last week, to catch some of the 2008 Potato Conference and Ag Show. Eye-opening to say the least. En route, I must have passed 50 giant spud-carrying trucks, that have a rounded shape that have a bit of a Mad Max look to them. Learned about nematodes, a latest potato virus threats, and the ins and outs of climate-change naysaying in the heartland. (Step 1: Ask how it's possible that Venus and Mars are also getting hotter, yet don't seem to have any SUVs.) All pretty interesting but for various reasons.

Meanwhile, from the Department of DBOMTYC (don't bite off more than you can chew), I've decided to do some blog consolidation and thematic rejiggering. The goal is to incorporate Words That Dog here on Geolexography, while also honing in a little on blogs as a journalism notes-from-the-road operation. Stay tuned.
AuthorDavid Wolman