When I woke up this morning, I noticed that the crackpot fairy had slid a little present under my door here at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne: A leaflet of sorts called The New Citizen, with the blaring headline: “Global Warming is a Fraud!” and a colorful graphic illustrating the “Global Warmers’ Fabrication.” Inside, lots of scattered texts and head shots of Queen Elizabeth, a crocodile, and Tony Blair. At breakfast, I enjoyed looking over the–ahem–articles titled, “Global Warming Hoax = Genocide” and “Why ‘Scientists’ Lie.” I imagine the rest of the visitors here at the 5th World Conference of Science Journalists were similarly amused. The same can't be said of hotel management, however, who quickly followed up with an official apology for last night's "security breech."

AuthorDavid Wolman