Sunday, May 20, 2012

the perfectionist

My latest for Wired is a story about a German artist and counterfeiter of US $100 bills named Jurgen Kuhl. Here are a few pics snapped during my reporting trip last September.

The piece opens with a scene at this cafe, opposite Cologne Cathedral.

The forgeries were stored in this container.

Talking Warhol at the Ludwig Museum


Anonymous said...

David Wolman is so wrong about the END OF MONEY.. As 90% of authors , this has ben writen to make him money and that is it. Anyone with a slight sense of reality will know that money will never go away. Power is down. How do you pay? Lost my walet, how do i pay?
Pay a tip. How do you pay? People take crdit card info all the time and steal your money. Would not have happened if you had money and not cards! Easiest way to steal money from someone is from there cards! And they find out where you live. Steal your car, burn down your house.....All because you do not like money...You have ZERO sense of thought. Aside from being gay! But my hands smell from touching money...Then wash your hands you pig! Other people touch your cards. You swipe them through machines that you have NO CLUE of the germs that are on it or in it. You have to then pick up plastic machines to dial in your card number in which 2 thousands people had just done 2 minutes before you. Did they all touch that money....NO. I hope you like using just your cards...You are going to pick up a sickness 10 times faster and say good bye!

David Wolman said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Gregory K. Soderberg said...

The cotton-linen 'Notes' are not the money but rather evidence of the money (numbers) created on the ledgers of private commercial banks when they make loans. Federal Reserve Notes (not bills) are not available for delivery to the public. They may only be obtained by paying for them with checkbook money written for 'cash' against th ebank created numbers. When we use interest-bearing debt for money we will have debt, lots of it and economic servitude. Land of the Free?