Thursday, December 24, 2009

nice bit of irony

Of course it was George Gollin who first noticed this:

Hi David,
Very amusing (and nearly impossible to prevent): some of the ads that attach to the online version of your story are from diploma mills. There's one for Almeda University (and three of the four graphics for accreditation mills displayed in the ad are for [former] Randock products: CDEA, AIEA, and IEMAA!). Another is for a Rochville product called "Corllins University."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

diploma mills

Check out my story about bogus university credentials--and the quark jockey who'd hand enough--in the January issue of Wired. I will be posting some other resources about diploma mills in the coming week or two, but for the time being I want to tip my hat to two local television reporters who have done some good sleuthing on this topic. See Sandra Chapman series here, and Wendy Halloran's series here.